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School Record Books

Detailed records were kept covering the performance of pupils for their term work and end of term exams. Some records have survived, and are stored with Tyne & Wear Archives, their web site shows details of those that they have.

A record book was maintained for each school year, with individual sections for each class, for Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. At the end of each term positions in class were derived, with the possibilty of a change of class for the following term.

These record books are not available for inspection. Initially they were defined as 'Sensitive', and access was covered by the the 100 Year Rule. This has been relaxed slightly, in that one can now obtain a transcription of your own records, for a charge.

Some examples of the details in the records can be seen here, in this sample for the Boys School, circa 1944 - 1949.

Should anyone obtain copies of their own records, they could be displayed here.