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Sunderland Electoral Registers

You can find where your ancestors lived from the Census Records, but they only cover the years 1841 to 1911, and at ten year intervals. Electoral Registers have been produced every year from 1832, except for the war years, and they can be very useful in filling in the gaps.

The Local Studies Section of Sunderland City Library has an excellent collection of over one hundred registers, covering the period from 1832 to the present time. It is intended to display some of the early editions on this web site. The list on the left shows the years that are currently available. Click on one to display it.

Each page of a register is shown as a thumbnail image. The pages are in alphabetical order, with the initial letter of a surname shown in the top left hand corner. Individual entries are usually on a correct page, but, not necessarily in the right order. Click on a thumbnail to view the page.

You can use the cursor keys, or the arrow keys in the top right had corner of the image, to move backwards or forwards through the register pages.

A page can be enlarged, as indicated in the page controls, and you can keep one or more pages on your desk top while viewing other pages.

Alternatively, you can sit back and watch, while the pages are displayed as a slide show.

Should you have a name and/or an address, then you can carry out a word search of the registers listed in the bottom half of the list.