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Streets Lanes, Alleys, Wharfs Named Places and Buildings Places of Worship Hotels and Pubs
Addison Street Allisons Open Alms Houses All Saints Church Hodgson's Hotel
Adelaide Place Ayres Quay Road Alms Houses Baptist Chapel The Aberdeen Arms P.H.
Albert Street Back Row Arcade Baptist Chapel The Albion Hotel
Albion Place Baines Lane Ashmore Bethany Chapel (Independent) The Alma Hotel
Ann Street Barlow Court Assembly Garth Bethel Chapel (Independent) The Alma Hotel B.H.
Anne Street Bee-Hive Lane Assembly Hall Bethesda Free Church (Baptist) The Arcade P.H.
Athenaeum Street Black Cock Open Ayre's Quay Villa Deptford Parsonage The Arcade Tavern
Aylmer Street Blue Anchor Yard Ballast Hill Ebenezer Chapel The Atlas P.H.
Ayres Quay Road Bodlewell Lane Ballast Hills Ebenezer Chapel (Wesleyan Reformers) The Bath Hotel
Ayres Quay Road Bonner's Field Barley Mow Brewery Enon Chapel (Baptist) The Bay Horse P.H.
Back Dundas Street Brewery Bank Barracks Episcopal Chapel The Beeswing P.H.
Back Hendon Street Bridge Wharf Baths and Wash House Friends' Meeting House The Berwick Arms P.H.
Back Hopper Street Buck Square Baths and Wash Houses Friends' Old Burial Ground The Black Bull P.H.
Back Laurence Street Bull Lane Bede's Tower Hamilton Street Chapel (United Presbyterians) The Black Bull P.H.
Back Williamson Street Burdon Lane Bishop Wearmouth Steam Mill Independent Chapel The Black Lion P.H.
Back Zion Street Burdon Lane Board of Trade Navigation School Jews Burial Ground The Black Swan P.H.
Bank Street Butchers Lane Boat House Jireh Chapel (Independent) The Blue Bell P.H.
Barclay Street Cage Hill Boot and Shoe Market National School The Blue Bell P.H.
Barrack Street Campbell's Entry Borough Road Terrace Parochial Episcopal Chapel The Board P.H.
Barrington Street Causeway Borough Steam Mill Primitive Methodist Chapel The Boars Head Hotel
Beckwith Street Cheeseman's Passage Bridge Pottery Primitive Methodist Chapel The Brandling Hotel
Bede's Terrace Church Street British School Primitive Methodist Chapel The Bridge Hotel
Bedford Street City Court Building Hill Primitive Methodist Chapel The Bridge Tavern
Beech Street Colliers Row Burdon Lane Brewery Primitive Methodist Chapel The Britannia P.H.
Biss Street Cross Place Canch Rock Primitive Methodist Chapel The Britannia P.H.
Borough Road Dannatts Court Commisioners Stairs Providence Chapel (Baptist) The Britannia P.H.
Borough Road Dark Entry Corporation Offices R. C. Chapel The British Flag P.H.
Boughton Street Dean's Yard Cresswell Cottage Sailors Bethel The British Oak P.H.
Bramwell Street Dixon's Square Cresswell House Salem Chapel (Episcopal) The British Queen P.H.
Bridge Crescent Dove's Open Delf Market School of Industry The Bull And Dog P.H.
Broad Street Drury Lane Square Deptford Scotch Free Church (Presbyterian) The Burns Arms P.H.
Brooke Street Drysdale's Entry Dock Office Seamen's Bethel The Bush Tavern
Building Hill Lane Dunn's Entry Dowell Place Smyrna Chapel (Presbyterian) The Butchers Arms
Burdon Road Ettrick Place Drury Lane Old Theatre St. Andrews Church The Caladonia Arms P.H.
Burleigh Street Fighting Cock Yard Dunning House St. George's Chapel (Presbyterian) The Canteen P.H.
Cambridge Terrace Fitters Row Electric Telegraph Company St. John's Church The Carpenters Arms P.H.
Carol Street Flag Lane Eye Infirmary St. Michael's Church The Coach & Horses P.H.
Carter Street Flag Lane Ferry Boat Landing St. Paul's Church The Coble P.H.
Castle Street Folly End Ferry Boat Landing St. Peter's Church The Commercial Hotel
Catherine Street, Deptford Golden Alley Field House St. Thomas's Church The Commercial Hotel
Catherine Street, Millfield Half Moon Lane Fire Engine House Tabernacle Chapel (Wesleyan Association) The Commercial Hotel - High Street
Chapel Street Hallgarth Square Fish Market The Bath Hotel The Commercial Tavern
Charles Street Harry's Court Fort Hill The New Academy The Commercial Tavern
Charles Street Hat Case Fort House The Rectory The Cottage Tavern
Chester Road Hogg's Passage Frederick Lodge The Tabernacle (Weslyean Association) The Cottage Tavern
Church Street Holmes Wharf Freemans Hospital Trinity Church The Cottage Tavern
Church Street Horn's Lane Fruit and Vegetable Market Union Chapel (United Presbyterian) The Cross Keys P.H.
Church Street Horn's Lane Galley Gill Cemetery Unitarian Chapel The Cross Keys P.H.
Clark Terrace Howick Square Galley's Gill Bridge Wesleyan Methodist Chapel The Crown & Anchor P.H.
Coronation Street Kers's Court Gas Works Wesleyan Methodist Chapel The Crown & Anchor P.H.
Coronation Street Lamman's Yard Gill Bank House Wesleyan Methodist Chapel The Crown & Anchor P.H.
Cousin Street Lawson's Court Grange Farm Wesleyan Methodist Chapel The Crown & Sceptre Inn
Covent Garden Lombard Street Square Grange School Wesleyan Methodist Chapel The Crown & Sceptre P.H.
Crescent Row Long Bank Grave Yard Wesleyan Methodist Chapel The Crown & Sceptre P.H.
Cross Street Low Quay Grave Yard Wesleyan Methodist Chapel The Crown & Thistle P.H.
Cross Street Lower Bridge Street Grave Yard Williamson Terrace The Crown Inn
Crow Tree Terrace Mallings Rigg Gray's Buildings Zion Chapel (Wesleyan New Connexion) The Crown Inn
Cumberland Street Mark Quay Green Hill Cottage The Crown P.H.
Cumberland Terrace Maud's Court Half Tide Basin The Crown P.H.
D'arcy Street Maud's Lane Half Tide Basin The Crown and Sceptre P.H.
D'arcy Terrace Maud's Open Hanover Place The Crystal Palace P.H.
Dame Dorothy Street Moffat's Court Harbour Masters Office The Crystal Palace P.H.
Deptford Road Monkey's Yard Hedworth Place The Cumberland Arms P.H.
Derwent Street Moss Lane Hendon Baths The Curriers Arms P.H.
Derwent Street Neel's Lane Hendon Burn The Custom House Hotel - High Street
Diamond Hall Lane Nelson Square Hendon House The Custom House Hotel - Nobles Quay
Dock Street Nesham Place Hendon Lodge The Dock Hotel
Dock Street Nesham Place Hendon Ropery The Dog and Pheasant P.H.
Donro Terrace Nesham Square Hendon Station The Dray Cart P.H.
Duke Street New Square Hetton Landscape Coal Depot The Drop Tavern
Dun Cow Street Noble's Quay Hill House The Drop Tavern
Dundas Street North Durham Street Hodgson's Buildings The Duke of Wellington P.H.
Dundas Street Palin's Passage Hodgsons Buildings The Dun Cow P.H.
Dunning Street Pann Lane Holly House The Durham House P.H.
Durham Road Penrith Place Holly Terrace The Durham House P.H.
East Cross Street Plummer's Alley Horn's Lane Brewery The Eagle Tavern
East Hendon Terrace Portobello Lane Hospital Farm The Earl Grey P.H.
East Street Press Lane Hudson's Buildings The Earl of Durham P.H.
East Woodbine Street Robinson's Lane Humane Society's Office The Earl of Durham P.H.
Eden Street Robinson's Lane Humane Society's Station The East End P.H.
Edmonson's Street Ropery Lane Humane Society's Station No. 1 The East House P.H.
Elgin Street Rudd's Court Hutchinson's Buildings The Elephant & Castle P.H.
Fawcett Street Sailor's Alley Hutchinson's Docks The English Oak P.H.
Fleet Street Sailor's Alley Infirmary The Ferry Hotel
Fore Street Salem Court Lambton Drops The Field House P.H.
Foyle Street Smithson's Square Lambton Drops The Fishermans Arms P.H.
Frederick Road Society Lane Lambton Landsale Coal Depot The Fleece Inn
Frederick Street South Alley Lambton Office The Foresters Arms P.H.
French Street Southwick Lane Letter Receiving House The Forge P.H.
Fulwell Road Spenceley Lane Lifeboat House The Forge P.H.
Garden Place Spenceley Lane Lifeboat House The Fox and Goose P.H.
Garden Street Stamp Lane Lyceum Theatre The Free Masons Arms P.H.
Garden Street Stob Lane Mangling House The Friendly Tavern
George Street Swan Court Manor Place The Friendly Tavern
George Street Swan Court Manure Depot The Friendly Tavern
Gerald Street The Valley's Of Love Mark Quay Brewery The Friends Goodwill P.H.
Grange Crescent Trafalgar Court Meat Market The Gardner's Tavern
Grange Esplanade Union Lane Millfield The Garrick's Head P.H.
Green Street Union Square Millfield Brickfield The General Wolfe P.H.
Green Terrace Walton Lane Millfield Farm The George & Dragon P.H.
Grey Street Walton Place Millfield School The George Hotel
Grey Street Water Lane Monkwearmouth Brewery The George IV P.H.
Grey Street Wellington Lane Monkwearmouth Station The George and Dragon P.H.
Grey Terrace Wellington Lane Moor Street Brewery The George the IV P.H.
Hamilton Street Wellington Lane Mowbray Gardens The Glasshouse Tavern
Harley Street Wood Alley National School The Globe P.H.
Harrison Street Wood Lane National School The Globe Tavern
Hedley Road Wylam Wharf National School (Boys and Girls) The Golden Anchor P.H
Hedworth Street New Market The Golden Anchor P.H.
Hedworth Street New North Pier The Golden Fleece P.H.
Hedworth Terrace New North Pier Light House The Golden Lion P.H.
Hendon Road Nicholson House The Grace Darling P.H.
Hendon Road North Grange The Grapes Inn
Hendon Street North Quay The Grapes P.H.
Hendon Street Northumberland and Durham District Bank The Gray Horse P.H.
Hendon Terrace Nunnery The Green Dragon P.H.
Henry Street Octagon Cottage The Grey Horse P.H.
Hetton Street Old Walls The Half Moon P.H.
High Street Old Workhouse The Hardwick Hotel
High Street Orchard Cottage The Hat & Feather
High Street Palmer's Hill The Hearts of Oak P.H.
High Street Pemberton Row The Hendon Hotel
High Street West Pemberton's Drops The Hetton Staith P.H.
High Street West Phoenix Foundry The Hibernia Tavern
Hill Street Phoenix Hall The Highlander P.H.
Hind Bridge Pier & Harbour Office The Holyrood P.H.
Hind Street Pilot Office The Honest Lawyer P.H.
Hodgkin Street Pilots Lookout House The Hope Tavern
Hopper Street Police Court The Horns P.H.
Hopper Street Police Station The Jamaica Vaults
Howick Street Police Station No. 3 The Jim Crow P.H.
Howick Street Polka Hole The Jolly Sailor P.H.
Huddleston Street Post Office The Jolly Sailor P.H.
Hylton Road Potato Garth The Jolly Sailor P.H.
Infirmary Row Poultry Egg and Butter Market The Jolly Sailor P.H.
James Street Promenade The Kean's Head P.H.
John Street Ragged School (Boys & Girls) The King William IVth P.H.
John Street Ravensworth Terrace The Kings Arms P.H.
John Street Rector's Park The Kings Head P.H.
John Street Register Buildings The Lambton Arms P.H.
John Street Richardson's Tannery The Lansdowne Arms P.H.
Johnson Street Rocket House The Lass O'Gourie P.H.
King Street Ropery Row The Life Boat P.H.
Kingsworth Road Russell Street Gasworks The Linnet P.H.
Lambton Street Ryhope Lane Farm The Live & Let Live P.H.
Liddell Street Sailors' Home and Exchange Commercial Buildings The Londonderry Arms P.H.
Little Villiers Street Salem House The Lord Byron P.H.
Lodge Terrace Sand Point The Lyceum Shades P.H.
Lombard Street Sans Close The Marine Tavern
Low Street Savings Bank The Mariners Hope P.H.
Low Street Seaman's Hall The Mariners Tavern
Mary Street Sheepfolds The Market Hotel
Matlock Street Sheepfolds Pottery The Market Tavern
Meaburn Street Somerford Place The Mason's Arms P.H.
Middle Street South Cottage The Mason's Arms P.H.
Milburn Street South Dock The Mechanics Tavern
Mill Street South Dock Drops The Minerva Hotel
Mill Street South Entrance The Monkwearmouth Colliery P.H.
Miller Street South Pier The Mount Pleasant P.H.
Millum Terrace South Pier The Mountain Daisy P.H.
Minorca South Row The Nags Head Inn
Moor Street Springwell House The Nags Head P.H.
Moor Street St Paul's Church School The Napoleon P.H.
Moor Terrace Stobbert's Buildings The Nelson Tavern
Moorgate Street Story's Buildings The Neptune P.H.
Mulgrave Street Summerhill House The New Dock P.H. - Barrack Street
Murton Street Sunderland Brewery The New Dock P.H. - High Street
Nelson Street Sunderland Flint Glass Works The New Dock Tavern
New Grey Street Sunderland Lying-in Charity The Newcastle Arms P.H.
New Grey Street Sunderland Pottery The Noah's Ark P.H.
New Trimdon Street Sunderland Pottery The Noah's Ark P.H.
Nicholson Street Sunderland Station The North Pier P.H.
Norfolk Street Sunderland Town Moor The Northumberland House P.H.
North Bridge Street Swan's Buildings The Oak Tavern P.H.
North Moor Street Tatham House The Oak Tree P.H.
Northumberland Place Tavistock House The Oddfellows Arms P.H.
Northumberland Street The Athenaeum The Old Bull and Dog
Oak Street The Bridge Hotel Stables The Old Green Dragon P.H.
Ogden Street The Donnison School (Endowed) The Olive Branch P.H.
Olive Street The Grange The Ord and Company's P.H.
Palmer Street The Library The Palatine Hotel
Park Place The Parsonage The Paul Pry P.H.
Park Place East The Shrubbery The Peacock Tavern
Park Place West Theatre Royal The Pelican Tavern
Park Road Thornhill The Plough P.H.
Peacock Street Thornhill Cottage The Prospect Hotel P.H.
Peel Street Thornhill Lodge The Queen Hotel
Pemberton Street Thornton Place The Queen's Head P.H.
Pottery Bank Tidal Harbour The Queen's Head P.H.
Prince Street Tidal Light House The Queens Head P.H.
Prospect Row Town Hall The Queens Head P.H.
Queen Street Town Moor Station The Queens Head P.H.
Queen Street Trewhitt's Buildings The Railway Tavern
Railway Row Trinity Place The Railway Tavern
Railway Street Union Joint Stock Bank The Red Light P.H.
Randolph Street Union Street Brewery The Red Lion P.H.
Ravensworth Street Vine Lodge The Red Lion P.H.
Rendlesham Street Walworth Street Foundry The Red Lion P.H.
Richmond Street Wash House The Regale Tavern
Russell Street Watch House The Rigger's Arms P.H.
Salem Street Waterloo Place The Rising Sun P.H.
Sans Street Wear Glass Works The Robert Burns P.H.
Sans Street Wellington Brewery The Robin Hood P.H.
Silksworth Row Wellington Well House The Robin Hood P.H.
Silver Street West Lodge The Rolling Mill Tavern
Simpson Street White House The Rose & Crown P.H.
Smyrna Place White House The Rose & Thistle P.H.
South Johnson Street Willow Cottage The Rose, Thistle and Shamrock P.H.
South Nicholson Street Wreath Hills The Rowland Burdon Arms P.H.
South Street Wreath Quay The Royal Exchange P.H.
South Wear Street The Royal Oak P.H.
Spring Garden Lane The Royal Oak P.H.
St Paul Street The Royal Oak P.H.
St Thomas Street The Royal Tent P.H.
Stafford Street The Royal Tent P.H.
Stafford Street The Royal William P.H.
Stockton Road The Ryhope Ox P.H.
Stockton Road The Saddle Inn
Strand Street The Scotch Thistle P.H.
Sunderland Street The Seven Stars P.H.
Sunniside The Shades P.H.
Sussex Street The Shakspeare Tavern
Sussex Street The Shakspeare Tavern
Tatham Street The Sheet Anchor P.H.
Tavistock Place The Ship Albion P.H.
Thomas Street The Ship Burlinson P.H.
Thomas Street The Ship Carlisle P.H.
Topliff Row The Ship Friends P.H.
Toward Road The Ship Inn
Trafalgar Square The Ship Inn
Trimdon Street The Ship P.H.
Trimdon Street West The Ship Tavern
Tunstall Lane The Ship Tavern
Tunstall Lane The Ship Tavern
Tunstall Terrace The Shipwrights Arms P.H.
Union Street The Sir Colin Campbell P.H.
Upper Nile Street The Slipway Tavern
Upper Sans Street The Social Tavern
Victor Street The Sons of the Wear P.H.
Villiers Street The South Dock Inn
Vincent Street The Star & Garter P.H.
Vine Place The Steam Boat P.H.
Vine Street The Strand Inn
Wall Street The Sun Inn
Walworth Street The Sunderland Dock P.H.
Ward Terrace The Sussex Arms P.H.
Warren Street The Three Admirals P.H.
Water Street The Three Crowns P.H.
Water Street The Three Crowns P.H.
Waterloo Place The Three Tuns P.H.
Waterloo Street The Tourist Steam Boat P.H.
Waterworks Road The Turf Hotel
Wear Street The Turks Head P.H.
Wear Street The Turks Head P.H.
Wellington Row The Tynemouth Castle P.H.
Wellington Street The Union Flag P.H.
West Laurence Street The Union Flag P.H.
West Street The Unity P.H.
West Sunniside The Vine Cottage P.H.
West Wear Street The Walworth Castle P.H.
Whickham Street The Waterloo P.H.
Whitburn Street The Waterman's Arms P.H.
William Street The Waterman's Tavern
Williamson Street The Wear Inn
Wilson Street The Wear Tavern
Woodbine Street The Wearmouth Bridge P.H.
York Street The Welcome Tavern
Yorke Street The West Country Arms P.H.
Zetland Street The Wharf Tavern
Zion Street The Wharf Tavern
The Wheat Sheaf P.H.
The Wheatsheaf Inn
The Whitby Abbey P.H.
The White Boar P.H.
The White Hart P.H.
The White Lion P.H.
The White Swan P.H.
The White Swan P.H.
The White Swan P.H.
The Whitwell Inn
The Williamson Arms P.H.
The Yorkshire House P.H.
The Zetland Arms P.H.
Topsy's Happy Home P.H.