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Sunderland Parish Surname Indices

The information presented in these records was obtained from some of the Microfilm Records of Parish Registers held in the Local Studies Section of Sunderland Public Library. Records were transcribed and indexed by a small number of dedicated people. The quality of the microfilm is not high, and there may be a small number of transcription errors. Should you be intending to use information obtained for your Family History Research, or similar, it is recommended that you obtain a copy of the appropriate register page. As part of a recent refurbishment, the Local Studies Section has a number of new computers fitted with large displays and microfilm readers. Relevant pages of any Parish Register can be captured, either as a print, or saved to a memory stick. You will invariably find additional information that will assist your research. Should you be unable to visit the library, then an e-mail or telephone request should elicit a positive response.

Should you have the Ward Number and Grave Space Number for a burial in one of the ten Sunderland Cemeteries, and you wish to locate the position of the grave, the Cemetery Layout section of this website contains Cemetery Layouts and Grave Space Maps for six of these cemeteries. If your search relates to one of the other four cemeteries, then Local Studies will be able to help, since they have the Ward Layouts and Grave Space Maps for all ten cemeteries.

The Local Studies Section has a collection of over seventy printed copies of Parish Surname Indices. Details of those available online are given in the menu on the left. There is a printed copy of each of them in Local Studies.

Accessing the Indices.

Each set of records is presented as an index, and is divided into a series of small indices, each determined by the first two letters of a surname. An exception occurs where the second letter is an apostrophe, as in O'Hair. In such a case the first and third letters are used, so that this entry would be found under OH.

Clicking on an entry in the index will display the first page of a set of records. Each page will contain up to one hundred entries, the number of pages being determined by the number of entries in that index.

At the top of each page, and at the bottom of some pages, there are indicators to allow the selection of other pages in the index. Depending on the number of pages, and the position of the current page within the index, it will be possible to page forwards or backwards one, five or ten pages at a time.